Newsletter, November 2013

WELCOME TO NEW MEMBERS > Ian & Marilyn Morris, and Bruce Alley


Download the printed version of the newsletter (10 pages colour), as a small 1.2 megabyte PDF file. (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar program installed on your computer. Broadband connection preferable.)


Every morning I sit on a blue sofa and eat breakfast, gazing out the lounge window at the greenery and ever-changing panorama. Ten hills are visible from where I sit. When we first moved into Victory, these summits teased me daily, until I resolved to climb each one. This personal goal provided the necessary motivation to get outside, and get fit.

So, across my summer holidays I began bagging local peaks – and when I reached the top, I would peer back into the bustling metropolis of Nelson below, and spot my tiny green house. And wave to my wife. And pour a flask of tea.

Last summer I was re-climbing ‘my’ mountains. Not one to repeat things, I was ascending and descending by different routes, of which there are plenty of potential  tracks to choose from.

So, for your inspiration, on the downloadable PDF of this newsletter,
are a list of local hills to hike – the times aren’t particularly fast, but are a rough guide of how long you need to get up and down. Sometimes the tracks are closed due to forestry operations, and are therefore overgrown. Sometimes you will need permission to cross private land. Create your own ‘hit list’ if you want. Feedback is appreciated!

Alternatively, check out our latest Programme for a diverse smorgasbord from easy local hikes to difficult mountaineering expeditions. Support your trip leaders who are sticking their neck out to take you to far-off places in their personal time.

See you at Club & Pub Nights...

Raymond Salisbury, Editor

OBITUARY > Gillian Arbuthnott – May 1949 – October 2013

Nelson Tramping Club wishes to express its sorrow at Gillian’s passing after a brief illness. We give our sincere condolences to Hec and their two sons plus extended families.

This is not the place for a full obituary but we wish to record and acknowledge the tremendous services that Gillian provided to the Club and her personal friendships with many of our members. She and Hec joined the Club when they moved to Nelson in 2004. In 2006 she came onto the committee as Treasurer and she served for three years, characterised by her highly efficient managing of the accounts and her calm, but very positive and friendly manner. Nothing was a problem for Gillian, financial or personal, because her talents could always help find a solution.

Gillian also led many tramps. Although these were generally only day walks, she made them memorable through her adventurous spirit and her ability to relate to everybody. BaseCamp began to consume more of their time and energies but Gillian remained a faithful member of the club and continued to assist through the managing from the shop of the club’s safety beacons.
She and Hec attended the club night on October 7th to be honoured for their services.

Little did anybody know that most of us were seeing her for the last time.

Gillian’s encouraging words to members that evening remain:
“Put yourself forward for service – you will gain far more
than you put in”.

PERSONAL LOCATOR BEACONS > Important Notice for Trip Leaders

 As you will be aware, Base Camp has closed, and can no longer keep our five Personal Locator Beacons and supervise their loaning. The club is in the Arbuthnott’s debt for this service over many years and we are extremely grateful to them. Formal thanks were given at the club night on 7 October.

We have been able to secure alternative arrangements for the five PLBs. Trip leaders please pick up a beacon from either location:

Rollo's Outdoor Centre
12 Bridge Street, Nelson. Ph 548 1975

Stirling Sports
213 Queen Street, Richmond. Ph 544 8290

There will be one prebooked beacon at each shop kept for scheduled club trips. The other beacons (2 at Rollos; 1 at Stirling) are available for booking by club members for private trips (free; no longer than 7 days). During the busiest part of the summer season unused beacons may also be available for rent by non-members.

Both shops have a supply of the trip intentions form to be completed when a beacon is taken on loan. This is slightly more detailed than in the past but fits with the form Rollos use for their own beacons. We will soon post the PDF form to our website.

We are very appreciative that these shops have agreed to provide this service. Please respect the staff and be patient if they are busy. Direct any complaints or other comments on the new arrangements for our PLBs to the NTC Committee.

Also, please be prompt in returning the PLBs and report any damage too.

CLUBNITES > Put on your calendar!

Monday 18 November > Club Pub Nite
Social Night @ Sprig & Fern, Tahunanui
Bring Park Maps and meet new people!

7pm > Be there!

Monday 2 December > Club Photo Competition

Our club’s annual, informal social get-together around the table...
a chance to show off your skills with a camera - and show us where you’ve been tramping all year. Guest Judge: Don Pittham.

Check out the Rules and Categories below..

 7:30pm Nelson Intermediate School, Tipahi Street. Gold coin donation.

PHOTO COMPETITION > Information & Rules

Dig through those shots from the past year. Get those pics printed out & ready for judgement. Come along to enjoy the fun, wine, cheese and nibbles, and social atmosphere of this last club night of the year.

Date: Monday 2 December. Place: Nelson Intermediate School staffroom, Titipahi Street, Nelson. Time: 7.30pm. Guest Judge: Don Pittham

National Competition:

The club competition is aligned with the national competition. The winners from our club will have their photos sent off to Wellington. National winners will have their photos printed in the FMC Bulletin, and receive prizes.

Rolling Slideshow:

A rolling slideshow will also be held at the club night of pics people submit to Ray Salisbury by e-mail before December. Images should be no larger than 2Mbytes. Email:


All photos need to meet the following criteria for judging by Don:

•   Prints must be 6 x 4 inches in size.

•   Photos are to have been taken within the past 12 months.

•   No manipulated photos (except for cropping & sharpening.)
Exception is category 7 below.

•   Person submitting the photo must be person who has set up the photo.

•   Entries are limited to three prints / per category / per person

•   First Place-getters from each category will receive a Camera Shop voucher. 1st, 2nd & 3rd get a certificate.

• On the back of the print put the category and the title of the picture.

• Do not include the name of the entrant.


1. Landscape (no people)

This includes wide angle shots (which may even be predominantly sea or sky) or an ‘in your face’ close-up (a rock in a stream or part of a tree). What’s important is that the mood of the landscape which is being captured comes through in the image. It’s acceptable to include man-made structures (huts, power lines, sign posts, etc.) providing they add to the scene.

2. Hut or Camp Life (including portraits)

3. Above the bushline (people allowed)

4. Below the bushline (people allowed)

5. Nature flora & fauna (no people)

Informative, artistic images showing non-domestic flora and fauna (so no garden roses, cats or dogs). Geological or meteorological phenomena, (e.g. dramatic clouds, formations or details of rock strata are also acceptable if they are accurately titled). Ensure that the shot is as sharp as you can make it, that the subject is large in the picture and that the background is not intrusive. The ‘hand of man’ should be avoided – no fences, power lines, buildings, etc. Try to give an accepted common name, or a formal Latin name for the title.

6. Historic

Pre-1980, featuring an aspect of club life. Black & white encouraged but not essential.

7. Anything Goes (Not an FMC category – just NTC.)

Includes humour and manipulated images. Also, larger format prints, panoramics, and shots older than 12 months can be submitted here.

8. People’s Choice (Not an FMC category – just NTC.)

Attendees vote on their favourite amongst all the pictures on offer.

Winning photos from previous year’s competitions can be viewed on the NTC Photo Galleries webpage.

TRACK & HUT UPDATES > DOC website alerts

Abel Tasman Coast Track:

The new Anchorage Hut opened to the public on Saturday 12th October. It now sleeps 34 people.

Kahurangi National Park:

The Graham Valley Road is still closed due to a giant slip in May which blocked access to Flora Saddle and Mt Arthur.

DOC feared all the debris from recent rain events would have to be moved, which would have taken until Christmas and cost around $300,000. But luckily, much of the debris is stable and can stay where it is, meaning a smaller job that DOC hopes will be completed by the end of the October.

E-BOOK for KINDLE > Cape To Cape

Ray Salisbury has re-published his epic 80-day traverse of the North Island mountains, Cape To Cape.

His book, in easy-to-read journal format, is now available as a digital download for Kindle, iPod, tablets or your smart phone.

Click here to read a sample or buy:

The price is only $7.00 NZD. Great for a Xmas treat!

BIG BEACH CLEAN-UP > Saturday 30 November

Walk the Cable Bay Walkway to Sentinel Hill and drop down from saddle to NE end of Horoirangi Marine Reserve beach, returning to Glen Duan picking up rubbish as we go.

Low tide is 2.15pm which is perfect. This walk is one of our best locally and the club will also make its contribution to keeping our beaches clean.

(Note: The official BBCU is on 9th November but the tide is unfavourable on that date.)

Contact Bob Janssen > Phone: 548 8257

Organisers: Ray & Lynette Salisbury, Phone: 546 8060 or 021 135 8739.

As per last year, our illustrious club is participating in the Outdoor Recreation Expo run by Sport Tasman. As clubs get free exhibitor space, this is an easy way to advertise our activities in the community. This year we are combining with the Santa Parade Carnival to attract even greater numbers.

We set up a large tent, with big posters and photos on display. We talk to the public and give them glossy brochures & membership info.

8.30am set-up. Pack down from 4pm. Behind the Trafalgar Centre. Phone Ray if you can man the tent for an hour or three.


Tramping the St James, Lewis Tops, or Harper Pass routes?
We can take the hassle out of your holiday, and add a touch of comfort at either end of the journey.

  • 65-bed lodge
  • Hot showers
  • Cooking facilities
  • $28 / night / person
  • Shuttle service to tracks – $26 for car shuttle to St James
  • Safe vehicle parking – $7 per day
  • Catering company can provide meals
  • 40 minutes from Hanmer Springs; 3 hours from Nelson

Phone: (03) 315 7082. Email:
Private Bag 55002, Orchard Road, Christchurch 8154


NEW FREEZE-DRI MEALS > Absolute Wilderness

We’re a Stoke-based company producing freeze dried meals that taste amazing, are super simple to use and are packed full of the nutrients you need in the outdoors. We’re exclusively available in Rollos, Nelson and online.

Food should taste good wherever you are


Don Schwass, who has worked for search and rescue in Nelson for decades, kindly spoke at a recent club night.

Don also provides the only FREE monitored tramping intentions service. Check out Adventure Buddy on-line:

If you need to hire tramping boots, tents, beacons, or even clothing...
Phone: 547 4817 > Cellphone: 021 111 1177