Newsletter, May 2013


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MEMBER PROFILE > Kate Krawczyk

1. Where was I born? Newmarket, Ontario Canada, in 1979.
2. Occupation: Head gardener at Oakwoods retirement village.
3. How long have I been a member? 1 year.
4. What benefits have I found being a member? Tramping much more now that I’m in the club. It’s inspired me to do more and more, push my boundaries, and increases my confidence being with more experienced trampers.
5. Best tramp: My first trip where I caught the tramping bug: the Tongariro Northern Circuit back in December 2005 when I was first travelling here in New Zealand.
6. Worst tramp: Can’t think of a worst trip! I’ve loved them all because its always an adventure – or I’ve just been lucky so far. There was one last year when I went up Mt Starveall Hut and the weather packed in. We never made it to the top because of poor visibility and the Sunday walk out was raining and blowing a gale. We were trying to navigate the maze of forestry roads descending into the Lee Valley – that wasn’t much fun.
7. Funniest moment: On the Easter trip up the Hope Valley, Andrea Cockerton accidentally used her Deep Heat cream instead of her toothpaste to brush her teeth – that was hilarious!
8. Scariest Moment: Taking my mom to Angelus Hut along Robert Ridge. She had a panic attack on the gnarly bit about a km from the hut – she is afraid of heights. I took her pack in my hand to make her safer and more stable, adrenaline kicked in, then I coached her through it.
9. Favourite Hut: I love Luxmore Hut on the Kepler Track – the view is a million dollars ... and you can’t beat Lake Angelus Hut for the setting.
10. Bucket List: Climbing Tappy, and tramping in Mt Aspiring National Park. Also Welcome Flat hot springs. Over-seas, I would love to see the Andes and the Himalayas.

Flora Hut Restoration – 1-2 March 2013 > Kahurangi NP

Nelson Tramping Club has entered into an informal agreement with DoC (Motueka) to help refurbish and maintain historic Flora Hut. This hut is an important entry point to Kahurangi. Being close to the road-end but in an alpine environment, the hut is very suitable for families to introduce their youngsters to the hills.
Under instructions from Tom Young (DoC), 23 club members removed the roof, including lead nails, replaced them using screw fasteners over new building paper and repainted (Dulux*, of course). Plus they cleaned out the rooms and constructed a new picnic table. Not as simple as it sounds because the rough old iron was distinctly out of shape. The hut is now looking much smarter and the keas are safer.
It was a great weekend with socialising as well as some hard work. DoC is also looking at lining the hut, replacing a fireplace with a stove and adding some information boards. NTC will assist them with further working bees.

Participants: Pat Holland, Lawrie Halkett (scribe), Andy Clark, Mike Drake, Silvano Lorandi, Ian Dohoo, Kate Krawcyzk, Chris Louth, Carole Crocker, Bob Janssen, Roger & Maureen Cotton, John & Rae Sheridan, David Blunt, Ray Caird, Mark Stevens, Pete Wilkie, Dion Pont, Tim Tyler, Uta Purcell and Ben Root (visitor).

* DoC have a $1.5 million partnership with Dulux NZ to paint and protect public huts and lodges over the next three years.

CLUBNITES > Put on your calendar!
7:30pm Nelson Intermediate School, Tipahi Street. Gold coin donation.

Monday 6 May >
Social Night @ Prince Albert Hotel - Nile St, Nelson
Bring Park Maps and meet new people!


Monday 10 June >
Guest Speaker: Don Schwass - Tracking Skills
Don is from Search & Rescue, and will talk about his training in “man tracking skills”, plus a little about his local business, Adventure Gear Hire. Mike Glover will also make a presentation


Monday 5 August > Annual AGM
Guest Speaker TBA

BANFF > Mountain Film Festival

18 May 2013
7:30pm Annesbrook Church, Stoke - doors open 7pm.
Tickets: $12 NZAC members. $18 non members. Available from: R&R Sport, Nelson. Stirling Sports, Richmond.


MOUNTAIN SAFETY > Nelson Courses

Intermediate Navigation > 25-26 May > COST: $55

This course is aimed at those with moderate experience. It will suit those who are looking for entry-level instruction to the Outdoor Leader course.

Participants must be:

• fit to travel for 6+ hours across hill country with full pack.

•  have a moderate level of navigation knowledge or have completed a basic nav course.

On completion, the participant will be able to navigate on-track and off-track using maps and compass, and plan routes.

CONTACT DETAILS > Mountain Safety Council
Contact:  Evelyn O’Neill.
Mail: 23 Coleridge Place, Stoke
Telephone: (03) 547 2426

TRACK & HUT UPDATES > DOC website alerts

Abel Tasman Coast Track:

Anchorage Hut is being removed from 6 May 2013 to make way for a new hut being built on the site. There will be no hut accommodation at Anchorage until the new hut opens around 5 November. Camping is available.

Marlborough – New huts Molesworth Recreation Reserve

A year ago DOC recycled two 40-year-old huts and gave them a new life on the iconic Molesworth Station in Marlborough.
DOC officially opened Saxton and Lake McRae Huts in April 2012. All up, the two huts cost $40,000 each to reno-vate.
The two six-bunkers with free-standing log fires are located about 19km and 22km from Molesworth Cob Campground. They’re part of DOC’s recreation plan for an East-West Route which will link the Kahutara River in Clarence Conservation Park with Sedgemere Lakes Area.

Saxton Hut started out life in 1968 as Boulder Stream Hut in Mt Richmond Forest Park in a site commonly known as Manuka Island. It was removed by helicopter and flown to SH63, then transported by hut trailer.

Lake McRae Hut was built in 1970 and in 2012 only had four bunks and an open fire place, but has received a complete overhaul. The 5–6 day unmarked East-West Route is suitable for trampers with a high degree of off-track experience and fitness.

HUT BAGGERS > New website

You now have an official website where you can log your long lists of huts visited. It’s the brainchild of Jamie Connor (see recent articles in the Bulletin & Wilderness magazine.) One criticism is that only the current version of hut is listed, not previous incarnations. But despite its very bland aesthetic, it's a good start and interesting idea.