Newsletter, March 2013

Elizabeth Dooley, John & Rae Sheridan, and Ian & Susan Dohoo.


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TRIP LEADERS NEEDED > Chit-chat over free pizza

6.30pm before Club Night April 8th
RSVP to Lawrie Halkett
> Phone: 544 4096

Chit-chat over pizzas about possible tramps for our next Programme.
> We need to communicate re developing a wider variation of trips, etc.

EDITORIAL COMMENT > M ss ng   n Act on...

Since the last issue, I have been inundated with over 14 trip reports, which will fill out this bumper edition of our newsletter nicely. And make up for my missing January newsletter (though no-one complained!)

Also, we welcome feedback and especially your articles on all things tramping. If you have good quality gear for sale, we can advertise it here. Or, perhaps, a private trip?

The Trip Programme is the cornerstone of our club, so if you’re a capable leader, please continue to sign up on-line to lead new expeditions. There are often gaps in the Programme. If you’re stuck, phone Jim for inspiration. We’d love to see you early for our Pizza feed before the next club night.

Club nights are where we rub noses with each other in a social setting, and get inspired by visual presentations. The Committee are always on the look-out for interesting speakers - maybe it’s your turn?

Regarding the Committee, we need new blood here too, as people move on due to health reasons or busy lifestyles.

Remember, we are all amateurs. We don’t get paid to run this club; we do it for the love of it. Personal passion is a much better motivator than money, anyway. So we appreciate the enthusiastic efforts of all our active members - you’re a quirky but good-natured bunch of individuals who deserve a pat on the back. Let’s have a great year.

See you at Club Nights...

Ray Salisbury, EDITOR


This year we had our very own Peter Wise to choose the winning photos.

As per previous years, the first three place-getters in each category recieved a certificate. First place-getters were given $15 vouchers to spend at Nelson City Cameras.

A new memorial trophy was awarded by Ruth’s sister for the People’s Choice category. It was an enjoyable evening with 41 in attendance.

1. Landscape:

1st – Ruth Hesselyn
2nd – Ray Salisbury
3rd – Dion Pont

2. Hut/Camp Life:

1st – Brian Renwick
2nd – Ray Salisbury
3rd – Brian Renwick

3. Above The Bushline:

1st – Pat Holland
2nd – Uta Purcell
3rd – Ray Salisbury

4. Below The Bushline:

1st – Ray Salisbury
2nd – Pat Holland
3rd – Ray Salisbury

5. Nature:

1st – David Blunt
2nd – Brian Renwick
3rd – Brian Renwick

6. Historic:

1st – David Blunt
2nd – David Blunt

7. Open / Anything Goes:

1st – Uta Purcell
2nd – Ray Salisbury
3rd – David Blunt

8. People’s Choice:

1st – Ray Salisbury

The first six category winners will have their photos sent off to the FMC Photo Competition, run by the FMC Bulletin editor, Shaun Barnett.

View the winning entries on our club website:

CLUBNITES > Put on your calendar!
7:30pm Nelson Intermediate School, Tipahi Street. Gold coin donation.

Monday 8 April >
Guest Speaker: Mark Graesser

Mark will present his recent tour around Mt Blanc.

Monday 10 June > Annual AGM
Guest Speaker: YOU!


Intermediate Navigation > 25-26 May > COST: $55

This course is aimed at those with moderate experience. It will suit those who are looking for entry-level instruction to the Outdoor Leader course.

Participants must be:

• fit to travel for 6+ hours across hill country with full pack.

•  have a moderate level of navigation knowledge or have completed a basic nav course.

On completion, the participant will be able to navigate on-track and off-track using maps and compass, and plan routes.

River Safety > 16 & 17 March > COST: $35
Venue: DOC Motueka & Mot River.

Entry-level instruction. Participants may travel 4+ hours across boulder riverbed with full pack

CONTACT DETAILS > Mountain Safety Council

Contact:  Evelyn O’Neill.

Mail: 23 Coleridge Place, Stoke
Telephone: (03) 547 2426

TRACK & HUT UPDATES > DOC website alerts

Abel Tasman Coast Track:

High tide track behind Bark Bay has been closed due to loss of Waterfall Creek Bridge in a flood. Cross the estuary using low tide track, accessed 2 hrs either side of low tide. The road to Totaranui is OPEN. Gibbs Hill Track is now closed for mountain biking.

Heaphy Track:

There is no mountain biking until 1 May 2013.
The new Perry Saddle Hut is open.   

Nelson Lakes:

Sabine-D'Urville Track: a bridge has suffered flood damage. Trampers cross stream approx. 1m deep at normal flow. After rain stream may not be safe to cross.

Speargrass Track: bridge over Speargrass Creek near Speargrass Hut was washed away by floods. Trampers need to cross the stream which could be difficult after rain.

Wangapeka Track:

Extreme caution required when crossing a large slip on the lower Wangapeka Track. Located approx 1.5 hrs walk from Rolling Junction. In October 2012 this slip created a 15m natural dam & new lake approx 1km long & 20m deep. When crossing trampers should move quickly, follow marked route. Use spotter to watch for falling rocks. In heavy rainfall, move to at least 20m above the Wangapeka river bed level if they see the water suddenly become discoloured.

3-wire bridge at Waters Creek, near Helicopter Hut, has been damaged. During low-normal river flow creek can be crossed.

Western end of Wangapeka Track has two large slips



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