Newsletter, January 2012


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1. Occupation: Retired Bee-keeper.

2. Where were you born? California.

3. What benefits have you found being a member? I enjoy the company and have learnt heaps.

4. Best tramp: Mount Manukau, tallest peak in the Seaward Kaikoura Ranges.

5. Worst tramp: In the Seaward Kaikouras, I got caught in the fog and fell down a waterfall.

6. Stupidest moment: Forgetting my sleeping bag and realising it only when I had climbed to over 2000 metres.

7. Scariest moment: Getting lost high up in the Seaward Kaikouras in fog.

8. Favourite hut: Barretts Hut, Hapuku River, Marlborough.

9. What future trips would you put on your ‘bucket list’? The ridge between Old Man and Mt Rintoul, Mt Richmond Forest Park.

2012 : CLUB NIGHTS > Put these dates in your diary.

7:30pm Nelson Intermediate School, Tipahi Street. Gold Coin.

  • Monday 13 February > Show 'n' Tell Nite
    > Contact Lawrie Halkett
    if you wish to contribute.
  • Monday 2 April > To be advised


Organisers: The Committee. Judge: Barry Doig

This year we had local photography enthusiast Barry Doig to entertain us with poetry and inspirational wisdom in all things photographic.

As per last year, the first three place-getters in each category recieved a certificate. First place-getters were given $15 vouchers to spend at the Nelson Camera Shop. It was an enjoyable evening with an excellent turnout. Thanks for your support.


1. Landscape:

1st – Mike Glover

2nd – Ray Salisbury

3rd – David Blunt

2. Hut/Camp Life:

1st – Ruth Hesselyn

2nd – Ruth Hesselyn

3rd – Mike Glover

3. Above The Bushline:

1st – Ray Salisbury

2nd – David Blunt

3rd – Ruth Hesselyn

4. Below The Bushline:

1st – Pat Holland

2nd – Peter Syms

3rd – Ray Salisbury

5. Nature:

1st – Mark Graesser

2nd – Gillian Arbuthnott

3rd – David Blunt

6. Historic:

1st – David Blunt

2nd – Pat Holland

3rd – David Blunt

7. Open / Anything Goes:

1st – Mike Glover

2nd – Uta Purcell

3rd – Ruth Hesselyn

The first six category winners will have their photos sent off to the FMC Photo Competition, run by Bulletin editor Shaun Barnett.

Soon you will be able to view the winning entries on our club website:


Most of you will now be aware that our bi-monthly trip Programme is now a ‘live document’ on our club website: CLICK HERE

Get your own password, log in, and select the ‘Programme’ page. Immediately below the headline is a small subheader named ‘Trip List.’

Choose the date/s you wish to lead a club tramp. Jim Maxwell will ensure your proposals fit into what other folk are doing, so we end up with a diverse range of trips to suit everyone.

WRITING COMPETITION >The newsletter needs you!

To spice up our bi-monthly rag, and to motivate aspiring wordsmiths, the Editor has launched a club-wide competition.

Deadline: End of 2012.

Prize: Voucher (to be advised)

So, dust off your typewriter, and get writing. This could be your next trip report, or a proactive piece on the pleasure (or pain) of tramping. There’s no word limit, but a decent effort will probably score higher than just a few lines. Poetry and prose, (especially humour) are welcome.

Entries limited to members only.

Raymond Salisbury, EDITOR

LYELL SADDLE HUT > Brand new barn in the Buller

This recently-built hut was started in April 2011 & is now more or less completed but is not open to the public yet. The hut is being used at the moment as a base by track builders who are building a new track for one of the NZ Cycle Trail Projects. It is the first of three new huts on what will be the Lyell-Mokihinui section of a 160km cycleway/tramping route.

Lyell Saddle Hut is two-roomed with a big porch and sleeps twelve. There’s good views down into the Mokihinui. It’s owned by the Mokihinui-Lyell Backcountry Trust and will be available for public use, similarly to DOC huts.

The entire Old Ghost Road cycle trail is expected to be completed by the end of 2013.

Category: Standard Hut

Altitude: 865m (2,837.9 ft)

Capacity: 12

Facilities: Water supply, toilet, enclosed wood burner

Map sheets: NZTopo50-BR22,  NZMS260-L29

Access: Easiest access is to walk up from DOC’s Lyell camp-ground adjacent SH6. It’s over 17km up to the hut on an excellent track at an easy gradient. This route was once a dray road as far as Eight Mile Creek, then a pack track onward to the saddle.

Us oldies walked up to the new hut in exactly four hours including a couple of stops. Anyone of reasonable fitness could visit the hut & return to Lyell as a day trip.


 NZ Tramper website


Almost everybody has a camera, and takes photographs. But not everybody takes good photographs. Because they do not always think carefully before pressing the shutter. Here are ten tips on how to make a good photograph...

1. First, think before you press the button. Look carefully through the viewfinder and make sure the horizon is straight. Hold the camera steady, feet slightly apart, and make sure your finger is not in front of the lens.

2. Ensure the sun is behind you, or to the side. Never take photos with the sun in front of you, or you will get dark faces. If you can’t avoid this, use a flash to light up the faces.

3. Put the horizon in the top third, or lower third, of the picture, never in the middle.

4. Come in close. This is especially important when photographing people, animals or flowers.

5. Avoid making people pose. When photographing people, ask them to do something, e.g. read a book, look at a picture, play with a toy, etc.

6. When photographing children or pets, get on your knees, down to their level.

7. Have a point of interest, but don’t put it in the middle. Place the focal point to one side of your composition. Use the ‘rule of thirds’.

8. Use leading lines, e.g. a road, stream or fence coming in from the left of the picture, and leading your eye into the scene.

9. Frame your scene by photographing through trees, doorways or windows.

10. Keep it simple; less is more. Remove any element that does not contribute anything to the composition.

> Above all, have fun with your camera!

Barry Doig, FPSNZ
Photo Competition Judge



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