Programme changes

We have moved away from a document based trip programme to a database driven one.


The programme coordinator and leaders can now enter tramp data directly into the programme on the website. Once entered, it's immediately visible to everyone. This reduces the workload on the trip coordinators and leaders.

Guidelines for leaders entering tramps in the Programme

  1. You must have an account with "leader's rights" and be logged in to be able to enter tramps in the programme.        
  2. Enter the programme page.    
  3. Click on "Trip list" at the top left hand of the programme page to easily spot the available weekends.
  4. Check your type of tramp does not compete with one already entered the same weekend.
  5. Click on the link "add a trip"
  6. Fill in the trip details.
  7. You need fill only those fields listed below.

Username (your login name, eg John.Smith). 

Trip leader's name. Does not need to be added as it is linked to your username and will automatically appear on the programme page

Contact details do not need to be added as they are linked to your username and will automatically appear on the programme page

Date start (click the box and a calendar will appear, select the date, or first day's date if an extended tramp)


Status should default to "Programme"

Duration (number of days) 


Map Series New. Topo50 maps only please. Leave blank if unknown

Grade. This can be done two ways. Either add E,M,F,H as "Manual", or change to "Calculation", fill in the fields and the programme will grade the trip for you

If you are unsure of anything, leave it blank. The remaining fields will be completed by the Trip Co-ordinator.

Go to the bottom of the page and click on "Save" to complete.  Re-check your Day/Date on the trip list page.  Re-check your tramp details on the programme page.     

Keep your trip description short and clear. You can amend your details at any time before the trip takes place by clicking on edit next to your trip.


Copying a trip from the 'Previous Trips List' to run again in the Programme

Never call up a trip from the previous trip list and edit it as this will remove the previous trip from the database. Always use one of the methods below.

On the Previous Trips List, click on "copy" beside the trip required and a clone of the original completed web form will display. Edit the "Username", "Leader", "Date start", and "Status" fields. Change the trip status from done or cancelled to "programme" and empty the "Visitors" and "Total number" fields, and personalise the description if desired. "Save" and it's on the new programme.

Can also be done by clicking on "Clone" on the Data page for each previous trip.





On the programme page click edit next to your trip.  In "Status" choose "done" or "cancelled".  If cancelled, click on "save" to complete.

If done, then click on "Trip total" and enter the total number of trampers. 

If some are non members, then click on "Trip Visitors" and enter the number of visitors.  If none, then leave blank.  Click on "save" to complete.  Your tramp has now been moved to the "Previous trips" page and the database is updated.