Newsletter, December 2010


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MEMBER PROFILE> Raymond Salisbury

(For Better or for Worse)

1. Place of birth: Hospital.

2. Job: Teabag Reclamation Officer, Nelson College For Girls.

3. Been a member for: 1.5 years.

4. How I’ve benefited from joining NTC:

  1. Making a couple of good friends, albeit competitive ones, (eh, Dion?)
  2. Gleaning local knowledge & wisdom from more mature members. Gosh, I now wear Crocks, eat icecream on the return home from long weekend trips, & put NTC stickers into all the hut visitor books.
  3. And, best of all, I get to ramble on in this rag...

5. My best trip: Since moving to Nelson in early 2009, I have gone ‘tramping mad.’ Perhaps my bestest trip was the excellent Easter ramble up Cobb Valley last year. My wifery and I rediscovered Myttons Hut, an old legacy from my forefathers. The hi-light was an epic 7-hour loop around Xenicus Peak with a Swiss backpacker.

6. My worst trip: Failed attempt at a Northern Crossing of the Tararua Ranges, during winter 1998. After three weeks of torrential rain across the island, the tracks were waist-deep in bog – avoiding a brown baptism slowed our progress. After two arduous days, we reached the Main Divide at sunset, then plunged off the top of Arete into the murk.

After two hours of fruitless searching by torchlight, we failed to find Arete Biv. Reluctantly we crawled inside orange survival bags for a miserably wet night. We returned to Auckland with our proverbial tails between our legs.

7. My scariest moment: My flatmate in 1994 accompanied me on a 4-day climbing spree around Tongariro National Park, during the heart of winter.

The second day saw us emerge from our snow dome near the ski-field, spending six hours slogging up soft snow slopes on Mount Ruapehu with 30kg packs.

After pitching a tent on the Summit Plateau, my hands were blue; after dark the temperature plummeted below minus ten degrees. We lit a MSR cooker in the tent vestibule, but the wind blew flames inside - arghhh! (We nearly got caught with our pants down.)

8. My favourite hut: Upper Hutt, my birthplace.

9. What wild place would I put at the top of my ‘bucket list?’ Anywhere with a natural hot pool ... Welcome Flat, Hurunui, Cedar Flat ... where I can lie lazily in the cool of the evening, dunking gingernuts into a mug of sweet tea – pure bliss.

(If discretion is the better part of valour, then luxury is the better part of roughing it.)

Happy Christmas!

Raymond Salisbury > EDITOR  

2011 CLUB NIGHTS > Put these dates in your diary.
7:30pm Nelson Intermediate School, Tipahi Street. Gold Coin.

Monday 7 February > Show & Tell

Guest speaker: YOU!

If interested, e-mail Marguerite with your photos prior to the event. She will co-ordinate the list of presenters. (Maximum of 10 minutes per person.)

  • Monday 21 March > Trip Leaders TRAINING
  • Monday 4 April
  • Monday 13 June
  • Monday 1 August
  • Monday 3 October
  • Monday 5 December 2011 > Annual Photo Competition

PHOTO COMPETITION > the results...

For about the sixth year running, guest judge Don Pittham entertained us with humour and inspirational wisdom in all things photographic.

This year the  first three place-getters in each category recieved a certificate. First place-getters were given $15 vouchers to spend at a local photographic store. In summary, it was an enjoyable evening with a good turnout. Thanks for your support.


1. Landscape:

  • 1st – Dion Pont
  • 2nd – David Blunt
  • 3rd – Robyn Walsh

2. Hut/Camp Life:

  • 1st – Raymond Salisbury
  • 2nd – Ruth Hesselyn
  • 3rd – Raymond Salisbury

3. Above The Bushline:

  • 1st – Dion Pont
  • 2nd – Ruth Hesselyn
  • 3rd – Dion Pont

4. Below The Bushline:

  • 1st – David Blunt
  • 2nd – Tony Haddon
  • |3rd – Pat Holland

5. Nature, Flora & Fauna:

  • 1st – Dion Pont
  • 2nd – Dion Pont
  • 3rd – David Blunt

6. Historic:

  • 1st – David Blunt
  • 2nd – David Blunt

7. Open / Anything Goes:

  • 1st – Ruth Hesselyn
  • 2nd – Raymond Salisbury
  • 3rd – Raymond Salisbury

The red-dot People’s Choice award was won (again) by Dion Pont with his recent sunset shot from the top of a Cowin Spur camp.

The first six category winners will have their photos sent off to the FMC Photo Competition, run by Bulletin editor Shaun Barnett.


Nelson Lakes National Park:

New Angelus Hut: Bookings are filling up.
Summer season: $20 per adult/night. $10 per youth, children 0-10 free.
During winter, backcountry hut tickets & Annual Passes can be used.

Kahurangi National Park:

Matiri River Dam:

DOC decision on the NZ Energy concession application to operate a hydro scheme on the Matiri River is expected shortly. The company already has the necessary resource consents from the TDC. This will open the process to PUBLIC SUBMISSIONS, then interest groups can submit on the proposals.

Mountain Biking:

Mountain bikers can begin riding Flora Saddle to Barron Flat and Kill Devil Tracks now but are reminded they cannot begin riding the Heaphy Track until the winter season (1 May 2011 – 30 September.)

The trials run until the end of 2013. Bikes can be ridden day or night on the Kill Devil Track. Mountain biking is now allowed as far as Waingaro Forks Hut.


TRACKER SNACKERS > food for the trail...

The Breadman Organic Bakery in Christchurch specialises in creating delicious, healthy products baked using traditional methods and certified organic ingredients.

Tracker Snackers are ideal for tramping, camping or boating where food needs to travel / store well, be filling and still taste good.

Three flavours:

  • Corn & Linseed - Gluten free
  • Mixed Seed: Linseed, Poppy seed & Sesame Seed
  • Pumpkin & Rye.


Come walking with us in remote areas of the west, feast on regional produce and enjoy the knowledge and passion of local walking guides who feel deeply connected to their place.

Walk the West of Ireland offer two 10-day fully escorted walking tours:

Walk the West – June 15–24, 2011 > 2,400 Euro (excluding airfares)

Connemara’s Calling – July 4–13, 2011 > 2,300 Euro (ex. airfares)

Contact Rachel on 03 545 1071 or visit our website (above).