Trip Reports

22 June 2008 Whispering Falls/Chromite Mine. Organiser: Robyn Walsh Cancelled – weather 21-22 June 2008 Lake Stream Organiser: Mark Stevens Cancelled – weather 28 June 2008 Ruby Bay Organiser: Shirley de Groot Cancelled 29 June 2008 Riordons, via Kill Devil Track Organiser: Andy Clark A cold winter’s day saw 10 of us assembled for this day trip to Riordons Hut on the other side of the Takaka Hill. The first hour or so involved a gradual ascent to the ridge line at which point the snow was reached. The day, because of the cloud cover, took a while to warm up but plenty of climbing and a steady pace kept all warm. Most called in for a look at Tin Hut Shelter which was three minutes off the main track. Lunch was had at Riordons Hut, a slab hut re-built by Max Polglase about 8 - 10 years ago.The trip out was uneventful with all catching up on missed trips and club happenings. Those on the trip were – Tom Brown, Uta Purcell, Ray Caird, Bernard Molloy, David Blunt, Jo Kay, Carole Crocker, Shane Winterton, myself( Andy Clark) and visitor Ronni Symon.5 July 2008 Basic Snowcraft Organiser: Grahame Harris. Cancelled - roads impassable 5-6 July 2008 Conners / Begley Organiser: Pat Holland Alternative: Mt Malita - Hackett River Circuit. Sunday 6 July . Heavy snow in the Rainbow on Fri/Sat put paid to the Connors/Begley trip in the Rainbow. So as a consolation four of us did a local 'hard' circuit. A comedy of errors saw a rather late start from the caretaker’s house at the Roding Reserve but then we were up and at it onto Mt Malita in short order. Great views and a few cm of snow made for pleasant scene over lunch. But no time to tarry so over the back side of Malita and down into the bush. Oh look some nice pink ribbon markers - follow them. WRONG! Follow them back up and head across to the correct ridge. After a couple of hours bash along the ridge, through mineral belt scrub and going over Mt Mears, oh joy we reach the Rocks -Totara Saddle Track. Sun is sinking fast, so we barrel along to the saddle and down to Browning Hut for a short break and water refill (a dry route!). Then down the Hackett at cracking pace to reach the road just on nightfall. A very energetic 8.5 hours on a beautiful mid-winter day. Pat Holland, Uta Purcell and visitors, Ronni Symon and Anthony McNamara.13 July 2008 Peanter Peak Organiser: Ruth Hesselyn Recipe for a Pleasant Day in the Sun and Snow (with notes): Main Mixture : In a large bowl (the basins to the SW of Rainbow Skifield) mix a large quantity of snow, a group of keen trampers and a bit of luck with the weather. (It takes the skill of the cook to get all in place. Tips – be flexible as to day, and use a bus to get all in position if necessary, and better still book it.) Stir all slowly in a chilled but sunny environment for several hours, pausing at times to admire the view out of the cookhouse window. Don’t worry if the mix separates a little, as it usually recombines later. It is important to let the mix rest from time to time (you will find that if you don’t, the mix will let itself rest). The consistency of the main ingredient (snow) can cause the base of the mix to reach soft-ball stage at times, but this is easily controlled with a sharp tap of the spoon. The finished product also depends on the quality of said main ingredient, and the mix will generally not attain peaks if this is too soft. However that need not detract much from the overall result.Topping : Meanwhile in a small bowl (the Rainbow Skifield) mix a smaller quantity of the same ingredients (one rehab tramper is enough). Preparation time is the same as for the above mix, but it needs less attention, and longer resting periods.When all is prepared, enjoy over a coffee at the Skifield Café.Main Mix : Ruth Hesselyn (skilled cook), Uta Purcell, Carole Crocker, Christine Hoy, Rosalie Horsfield, Ray Caird, Margot Syms (scribe), Anthony McNamara (visitor); and Topping: Peter Syms.13 July 2008 Pepin Island Organiser: David Blunt This was a combined Nelson/Waimea Club trip which saw a large group of 40 members, relatives, and visitors assembling at the Cable Bay boulder bank carpark in near perfect conditions to do a circuit of the 521ha island with detours to points of interest.Starting off on a farm track to the eastern side of the island the first detour was made through a small stand of native bush which had been augmented by recent plantings. This was followed by a brief stop further on around the corner at Passage Hut which overlooks Delaware Bay. A delightful spot. Then it was down to the beach for morning tea in the sun before continuing on around the foreshore for about 20 minutes over stones and rocks to Nikau Gully. Here we waited in a queue while everyone climbed up the bank to follow along the edge of a remnant stand of native forest with its nikau palms and little cottage within. From the hut there was a steady upwards climb to the highest point of the circuit track at 300m which provided an ideal place for lunch with its extensive views over Tasman Bay to the snow capped Arthur Range. At this point the party split into three groups with one going down to the northern headland, one carrying on around the circuit track, and the other climbing up to the trig on Stuart Hill, the highest point of the Island at 401m. Going down from here was relatively steep and while crossing a fence the pack of one member came adrift and rolled down the hill for some distance and out of sight. Fortunately a search party was not needed to retrieve it. With no other dramas all groups arrived safely back at the carpark before 2.45pm after a varied and enjoyable day. Refreshments, which included a delayed cooked breakfast for Christine, at the Happy Valley Adventures Café were appreciated by those who stopped there on the way home.Participants were :- Trish Bennett, David Blunt, Margaret Carpenter, Colin Duncan, Katie Greer, Andrew Henderson, Shirley Jack, Val Latimer, Jim Mayer, Dan McGuire, Jill Parish, Jenny Revell, Ken Ridley, Eddie Runge, Pam Satherly, Anne Sheridan, Christine Speirs, Pat Taylor, Val & Geoff Trow with Jessie-Lee & Caleb, Rosemary Weir, Robert Wopereis and visitors Paul Briggs with Steve & Max, Anne & Adrian Blake, Mary Curnow, Michael & Anne Doyle, Marianne Duncan, Brenda Griffin, Ken Lindbom with Tony, Brad & Chris, and Richard & Mary Talbot.20 July 2008 Shedwood Bush Track Organiser: Rosemary Weir On a rather grey Sunday morning eight keen trampers set off for Tapawera hoping for clearing weather and a bush walk to a lookout. The well-graded track through attractive bush featuring native fuchsias, regenerating Rimu and a few large Matais, was rather similar to the Sharland’s Creek bush. It took us to an observation point in approximately an hour. We had a leisurely smoko looking down the valley to the Motueka River. Cloud was low and no mountains were visible. As we set off down the track the rain came in and it was a wet walk back to the cars. As an extra trip we met Harry Hancock who escorted us across his farm to the Luna Hut. Harry had the hut moved to his property overlooking a small lake in delightful surroundings, after DoC removed it from the Karamea. We spent a most enjoyable time hearing the history of the hut and tales were told of tramping expeditions and Boy Scout adventures as we warmed ourselves by the fire and had our lunch. Although the weather was less than perfect, a most enjoyable and interesting day was had by members Barry James, Ken Ridley and Grahame Harris with visitors Mike and Sue Locke, Bill Rush and Richard Talbot with Rosemary Weir. 19-20 July 2008 Angelus Hut & or Peak Organiser: Bob Janssen Cancelled  26 July 2008 Brook Street to Maitai Dam Organiser: Dan McGuire From Brook Street climb to Fringe Hill, over Sunrise Ridge then down to the Maitai Dam. A short car shuttle is required on this one. Distance 14km with 800m of climbs. Topo O27 Bad weather seemed to be approaching as a group of six gathered at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday. Undeterred, the consensus was to alter the route planned in favour of an approach from Wooded Peak. The streams were quite high as we approached up the Maitai Caves Track, then branched off from the south Maitai with some bush bashing through podocarp forest until we reached the well-defined ridge which ascends Wooded Peak. We stopped for a very cold lunch near the top and then continued on, descending from the top with the reward of great views of the Richmond Range all covered in snow, then back to the dam over Sunrise Ridge. Participants; Dan McGuire, Merrick Mitchell, Tom Brown, John and visitors Ant and Veronica.26-27 July 2008 Croesus Track, Paparoa Range Organiser: Dion Pont Eight trampers drove down early Saturday morning to Blackball and we started to walk about 11.30 am. There are scattered bits of gear along the pack track and there are three swing bridges. The first swing bridge you get to is Smokeho Creek and the second swing bridge is about 20 minutes further on. We dropped our packs at the turn off to Garden Gully Hut; the signpost said 5 minutes to the hut which is an old historical two bunk hut with an open fire, 20 minutes further on is a stamper. The stamper has lots of gold mining gear around it. About an hour from Garden Gully Hut you get to the bush edge and in the distance you see a large hut on piles on an exposed ridge just above the bush edge and sitting just below it a small historical hut “Top Hut”. The newer hut, the Ces Clark sleeps about 20 people, and is provided with coal, it has fantastic views out the window and we were able to see the lights of Blackball that night. We all headed up Croesus Knob later in the afternoon, but only David and Mark made it because the wind was so strong, the rest of us returned to the hut to prepare tea. Dion, Wade and Marguerite climbed to the top of Croesus Knob on Sunday morning; the wind had dropped slightly but was still fairly strong. It took us about 3 hours to return to the car park. We were fortunate enough to have fine weather throughout the weekend. On the trip were Dion Pont (leader), Mark Stevens, Uta Purcell, Marguerite Verheul, David Blunt, Ross Price, Wade Glover (scribe) and visitor Hilda.3 August 2008 Wakapuaka Sandflats & Boulder Bank Organiser: Ross Price. Cancelled 2-3 August 2008 Mid Winter Gourmet Weekend Organiser: Jo Kay The walk proved to be a little more adventurous than anticipated as ‘that storm’ had passed through the area the Wednesday before, quite a few trees had been uprooted over the track and we had to negotiate routes around the obstacles. The track begins from the Mt Robert car park and proceeds along a well-graded downhill passage through mature beech trees for the first third. We then travelled alongside the river for another third with the last section climbing gently to cross the river shortly before arriving at the open basin in which the hut is sited. There were still large patches of snow around the hut, and views up to the Julius – Angelus Ridge showed a thick blanket of snow. The hut is very comfortable being relatively new, double- glazed with an efficient fire. The menu:Afternoon Tea Panforte (Hazelnut shortbread) Hazelnut Fudge and (real) coffee Pre dinner Salmon & Cream Cheese on wafers Main Thai Vege & Chicken Currie Coq au Vin accompanied by mulled wineDessert Apricot Crumble Slice & more panforte etc. Entertainment:Cards, Up and Down the River with Peter confirming the suspicion of misspent youth. Participants were asked to “Wear something Sparkly” and the following emerged: Diamond necklace, sparkly scarf, Santa hats with glittery initials and Xmas tinsel. The gourmet trampers were: Uta Purcell, Peter and Margot Syms, Rosalie Horsfield, Rob (Visitor) and Jo Kay (Scribe and Chef de Mission) For recipes contact me August 2008 Centre NZ Perambulation Grahame Harris Memorial Tramp Ian Bethwaite, Alison [Scribe] and David Nicoll, Uta Purcell, Gavin Holmwood, Gretchen Williams, Sandra Lawn, Jenny Revell, Val Latimer, David Blunt, Denis Parnell, Dan McGuire, Barry James. Apologies from Mark and Alice Graesser who wished they were with us as well. On an absolutely perfect day we met at The Botanics, Milton Street entrance and decided our route for the day. We were delighted to have our Patron come with us for part of the way. First stop to the Centre of New Zealand where we enjoyed views over the city, sea and to the snow capped mountains. A decision was made to continue towards Sharlands Lookout and see how we were going for time. We stopped for lunch at the bottom of the Sharlands climb. At this stage a few pulled out for other commitments in the afternoon and to check on our Patron who was being accompanied back by Jenny. The rest of us continued on, pressing through occasional windfalls from the recent storm. However we managed the lookout in good time and felt Grahame would have been pleased that we were there. We returned to the Founders Brewery and Café for a drink about 3.30pm and had a toast in memory of Grahame. A most enjoyable day. 9-10 August 2008 Kehu Peak ... Next Time Organiser: Mike Drake Heavy rain, snow down to low levels, and chains required to get to the lower Rainbow Skifield carpark on Friday didn't bode well for Saturday. So it was with trepidation that I called the Rainbow Station on Friday evening. “Snowing at Golden Downs” I was told. I rang in the morning - “fine”, “roads are good”. So off we set. Collected the key (now $25/car) then proceeded along the road with Dion in the lead vehicle. The roads were amazingly clear, and dry. Dion flagged us down whilst still on the tar seal; he still looked a little dazed after experiencing a bit of a spin on ice. After this the pace was perhaps a little more sedate. You will shortly guess why I am spending a long time on the prologue. Our intention to drive up the valley was thwarted by a locked gate. So we resigned ourselves to the trudge up the valley. Set brain to idle, and off we set. The cool breeze down the valley was made more interesting with the addition of snow, plus an increase in speed. Over the hill we encountered snow on the ground; this would increase from 1” to 8”+ by the hut. Under several inches of snow the track took on a different guise. Vegetation inconveniently bent over and tops frozen into the snow on the track. So progress was slow and tedious in places, with the occasional rush of snow down one's neck. A new fence now crosses the track, so cattle pats around the hut are a thing of the past. The large fall of snow and slow progress along the track was the final decider that a trip to the Begley Hut will be the highest point we will achieve this trip. We at least determined the river crossing point, and could see places to camp up the valley that leads to Begley Saddle. On reaching the hut a fever of activity ensued. Our pyrotechnic expert had the fire lit in a jiff, unfortunately the door had to be left ajar otherwise smoke would quickly engulf the hut. Once the water containers were filled, and a good stock of firewood lay beside the fire, it was time to do one of the most pleasurable activities; sit down in front of the fire with a mug full of hot liquid and watch the flames dance in the fire, interspersed with the occasional banter. An extreme frost forecast for the morning didn't encourage an early start. The morning duly arrived, with the predicted extreme frost. One member managed to get both boots/shoes wet the previous day, so the fire was lit once again to convert a pair of boots the consistency of iron, back into something a little more supple. Clear blue sky and pure white mountains unfolded as we proceeded down the valley. Skiing kept coming into my mind rather than wading up snow covered peaks. (We later learned that the Rainbow Skifield had to turn people away due to capacity crowds!) Again, good to get away to the basics of life. Kehu Peak will wait for another, more agreeable day. The team; Carole Crocker, Dion Pont, Mark Stevens, and Mike Drake.  16 August 2008 Rainbow Ski Day Organiser: Ken Ridley. Cancelled. Too much snow! 17 August 2008 The Doubles / Saddle Hill Organiser: Margot Syms Abel Tasman Stroll Plan A : The Doubles – dropped because forest closed after 30 July storm.Plan B : Mt Campbell – dropped two days prior as DoC did not recommend using road because of snow.Plan C : Abel Tasman Stroll – this phoenix emerged out of the ashes of the previous ones because four of us were determined to get out and do something to make use of a probably fine day. A bit of a shadow of a phoenix as far as grade scale goes, but it filled the lungs with fresh air, evicted cabin-fever symptoms, and was a very sociable outing. A leisurely start from Marahau, a brisk pace along one of the most walked tracks in NZ and we were at Apple Tree Bay for morning tea in the sun. Onwards to lunch above Watering Cove with a view of Adele Island and the snowy Richmond Ranges. Jo’s local knowledge from kayaking guided us on the ins and outs. When she answered a question from another group about a secret short cut, our party briefly “pied-pipered” to about fifteen.Stayers : Jo Kay, Marguerite Verheul, Margot and Peter Syms. 24 August 2008 Rameka Track Organiser: Alison Nicoll. Cancelled – weather22-24 August 2008 Cupola Organiser: Marguerite Verheul Cancelled – weather