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MEMBER PROFILE | Michele Cunningham













Name: Michele Cunningham

Place of birth: Christchurch, although I grew up in Wellington with the Tararuas as my local stomping ground.

Occupation: Speech language therapist

Member for: Nearly two years.

How I have benefited as a member: I’ve met a great bunch of like-minded people with a wealth of tramping experience and local knowledge. It’s fantastic to have trips ‘on tap’ every weekend, and an opportunity to go places you would never have got to any other way.

Best trip: Anything on the open tops in the
sunshine makes me happy. One of my highlights since joining the club was a trip up the Cobb Valley and back via the Lockett Range, a really interesting route with fantastic scenery.

Worst trip: Mount Owen from the south side, ascending via the Fyfe River and descending down the Sunrise Peak route. I don’t really like to describe it as a ‘worst trip’, as it had plenty of good moments and certainly plenty of adventure!  But we had our fair share of challenges and scary moments, including being lost on the tops in clag and driving rain, navigating steep, slippery slopes, then camping out an extra two nights waiting for the river to drop!

Scariest moment: Coming down the very steep slippery route off Sunrise Peak in the rain.

Funniest moment: During an off-track trip in Tongariro National Park with the Waikato Tramping Club, our route had us crossing the Tongariro Alpine Crossing track at one point. As we approached from the side, the walkers looked like a line of ants. It was like crossing a busy highway! One of the punters had a map in his hand. He looked at it, at us, and back at the map, with a look of great confusion on his face!

Favourite hut: Kahurangi Keepers Hut (the old lighthouse keeper’s home, complete with a bath!)

Bucket list tramp: I’d love to go to the Olivine Ice Plateau. It’s got a mystical ring to it. That would require a big increase in my skill level and fitness!

KATES KORNER | aka president's report

If you don’t know me yet, my name is Kate Krawczyk (pronounced Krof-check – everyone is dying to know). My name is a remnant from my Polish–Canadian ancestry.

I took on the role of NTC President in August this year. It is a great honour to be the caretaker of this illustrious club. Ours is one of the oldest tramping clubs in New Zealand, having started in June 1934, with its first trip up the Dun Mountain Walkway and over Jenkins Hill.

I was asked to take this role two years ago when Lawrie retired from the presidency, but I didn’t think I could do it. After all, I’m not the most intrepid and fit tramper out there. I’ve done heaps locally and a couple of Great Walks farther afield. But, honestly, my full-time job and annual catch-ups with my family  from Canada use up most of my tramping time for bigger trips.

I know... “excuses, excuses,” but I think everyone can relate. Life gets busy and it’s hard to find time to go tramping. But when you do go, it is so worth it. You feel brand new after a weekend in the wilderness.

Patrick Holland was kind enough to take on the presidency role – instead of me – and has done a wonderful job. He did say he only wanted to do two years. So, when that time was up I thought… “why not? I will do my best and that is all I can do.”

I am really lucky to have an incredibly enthusiastic committee with a good mix of new and old. I want to acknowledge all of the hard work they do for the club. Without them we wouldn’t be so successful.

Thanks to a couple of inspired new club members, we have created two new roles on the committee.

Leah Parker is our new Youth and Family Co-ordinator and will be working to make the club accessible to families and the next generation of trampers. She loves getting her two little boys who are only four and five, out in the hills.

Let your friends know there will be family-friendly trips on the programme. Tim Tyler has also donated his baby backpack to the club so that parents can take their toddlers out on easy day trips.  

Thanks to Liz Henderson’s enthusiasm, and experience with education in the outdoors, she has already held two training weekends: the Navigation Weekend and the Leadership Weekend. Both were fantastic learning and well-attended events. Keep an eye out for the next training sessions on bushcraft and river crossing. 

The Facebook page has been a great medium to get the club promoted and has attracted a few new members. It’s a way for people in the community to see how much fun we are having and see the amazing places we go to, but most importantly, to ask questions, interact and share their ideas and interests. 

We have one more working bee at Mount Fell Hut to finish off the woodshed. This will hopefully be done in the next couple of months. We have also just had funding approved to renovate John Reid Hut in Kahurangi National Park. We will be removing the chimney and installing a new wood burner, replacing the benches and lining the ceilings. If you are keen to help, watch out on the Programme for the upcoming working bees.

Happy tramping and see you in the Hills!

Kate Krawczyk


CLUB EVENTS: add to your calendar


Sunday 10 December

Organiser: Liz Henderson

9am: Meet at Glenduan carpark for the 3-4 hour walk overland.

1pm: BBQ at Cable Bay. (If you do not want to tramp, just meet us at the Cable Bay Reserve instead.)

Dress: Bring a Christmas Hat to wear.

Cost: $5 per person for food & car shuttle back.

CLUB NIGHT @ Nelson Intermediate School

Monday 12 February. Place: Nelson Intermediate School staffroom, Titipahi Street, Nelson. Time: 7.30pm. Speaker: YOU!

Show 'n' Tell

You are invited to share your summer tramp stories with us (max. duration 10 minutes each).

Register your interest with Kate or Pat prior to the evening.


CLUB NIGHT & AGM @ Nelson Intermediate School

Monday 6 August. Place: Nelson Intermediate School staffroom, Titipahi Street, Nelson. Time: 7.30pm. Speaker: Nina Solter.

Annual Photography Competition

Guest Judge: T.B.A.

Our club’s annual Christmas get-together, and a chance to show off your skills with a camera.

FACEBOOK PAGE | Have your say | Publish photos

  • Share your photos / videos of a tramping trip
  • Share your opinions & trip ideas
  • Keep up-to-date with what’s happening

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