Newsletter June 2009 (copy and paste from Word)

Welcome to new members: David Wratt, Sara Vickerman and Raymond Salisbury.

UPCOMING CLUBNIGHT: Monday 3 August 2009 Annual General Meeting. (Put it in your diary!) 
Nelson Intermediate School, Tipahi Street, 7.30 pm, gold coin admission. Pat Holland Ph 539 1340

Annual General Meeting: A Notice of AGM will be provided in July; however, we now request nominations for committee. Nominations are to be made in writing (using the form at the end of this newsletter) and be signed by the nominator, seconder, and nominee. Nominations must be received by Wednesday July 8 2009.
If you want to discuss a possible nomination please contact Mark Stevens Ph 545 7564.
Details of people nominated will be provided in the Notice of AGM.
For your information, our Constitution (Clause 15) requires the committee to consist of not less than eight and not more than ten members, being a President, Vice-President, Correspondence Secretary, Minutes Secretary, Treasurer, Programme Co-ordinator, plus ordinary members. The current committee consists of ten members: seven of whom have confirmed they are willing to be nominated again, and three will be standing down, details as follows:-
President Mark Stevens ) all available for nomination
Vice President Laurie Halkett )
Treasurer Gillian Arbuthnott )
Correspondence Secretary Pat Holland )  
Minutes Secretary Jo Kay )
Member Dion Pont )
Member Bob Janssen ) 

Programme Co-ordinator Ruth Hesselyn, Newsletter Editor Hec Arbuthnott, and Mike Drake are not available for nomination.
If you are interested in being nominated for a committee position complete your part of the form, take it to two other members to complete the 'person nominating' and 'seconded by' parts, send it in, or hand to a current committee member.

PLUS An opportunity to travel with Uta
Trekking the High Circuit around Manaslu. Uta Purcell will take us with her on her three week trek that opens your eyes to the sometimes raw life of Nepali and Tibetan culture; from the rice paddies of the Hindu middle hills to awesome mountains, gorges, Buddhist monasteries, yak pastures, and a high pass crossing. The area was restricted until the early 90s. Today it is experienced by still few trekkers, going expedition style.
And also “1080 and Conservation”. DoC personnel Martin Rodd (Motueka Area Manager) and Mike Hawkes (Technical Support - Pest Management) have agreed to make a short presentation on the demonstrated conservation benefits of 1080 drops, and the measures that DoC takes to monitor and limit mortality of native birds. These are issues of direct concern to Club members, for example the possible effects of 1080 baits on Kea.

Annual Subscription
Confirmation of annual subscriptions fixed by Committee for the year 2009/10.
Subscription: Adult - $28.00 Couple - $45.00. These all include FMC Affiliation levy of $10.00 per person.
NB. Subscriptions can be paid online to: Nelson Tramping Club Inc. at Westpac Nelson,
Account 03 0703 0028827 00. If using this option you must identify yourself by name.

Club Night 8 June 2009. Annapurna Circuit, Nepal. Twenty one club members and ten guests thoroughly enjoyed Pat Holland’s adventures on this classic 21 day trek in the Himalaya, covering 220 kms, with 6.6kms uphill. The downhill taking an equal toll on the body! Organised by the Nepalese company "3 Sisters Adventures" with Nepalese women guides and women porters (men for Pat and the other male). The diversity of scenery, buildings, people and conditions made for a wonderful talk. Thank you, Pat.