Newsletter, December 2014

Nina Solter & John Whibley


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EDITORIAL COMMENT > Lazy Days of Summer

The long, lazy days of summer are upon us...  but not before the mad mayhem of the Christmas rush; that frenetic consumeristic drive imploring us to “buy, buy, buy.”

If there was an item I would recommend that you purchase, it’s Shaun Barnett’s latest masterpiece, titled Tramping – A New Zealand History. A riveting read for any tramping afficionado, this weighty tome (2.5kg) delves into the evolution of the word ‘tramping’ from its colonial context, and takes us on a whirlwind ride through Maori travel, early toursim, club formation, the battle for national parks, changes in technology and the role of women.

Some of us avoid Xmas, and head for the Hills – lots of us. Flights are being booked, PLBs borrowed, track info researched and maps purchased. Soon half of Europe will be flooding into our front country trails, sending the die-hard Kiwi tramper deeper into the wilds in search of tranquil calm, fellowship with friends, (or for Dion, more remote huts to bag!)

Speaking of the man: hearty congratulations go to Dion Pont for his recent engagement to Melanie.

More changes are on the horizon, with Flora Hut becoming a new focus. The club was awarded some $6,500 for the ongoing renovation to this historic building on the flanks of Mount Arthur. We will need your support on working bees in the New Year.

You can also look forward to teaming up with members of the Waimea Tramping Club in a shared BBQ, and on combined trips next year.

I myself am now heading back to Salisbury Lodge in the dubious guise of a hut warden: I gotta book to write.

Buy, buy...

Ray Salisbury,
Newsletter Editor

MEMBER PROFILE > Graeme Ferrier

1. Position: Committee Member

2. Place of birth: Victoria, Australia

3. Occupation: Retired

4. Been a member for: 3 years.

5. How have you benefitted from being a member? Introduction to local walking tracks; meeting other trampers; regular activity.

6. Best trip was: Walking the Milford Track with my four kids to celebrate my 60th birthday.

7. Funniest moment was: Gail having a walking pole ‘stolen’ while camping overnight in the Greenstone Valley, only to discover it had been borrowed by a kea!

8. Scariest moment was: ‘Losing’ a tramper on a steep descent from Mt Arthur, but eventually sighting him way below heading off in the wrong direction!

9. Favourite tramping hut is: Chaffey Hut, Cobb Valley, recently restored by John Taylor.

10. What wild place would you put at the top of your ‘bucket list?’  Walking to Macchu Picchu in the Andes.

CLUBNITES > Put on your calendar!

Sunday 14 December > BBQ Picnic - SHOW 'n' TELL
2pm, Swim, walk, etc., 5pm dinner, Manuka picnic area,
Rabbit Island. Combined with Waimea Tramping Club

Monday 9 February > Club Night - SHOW 'n' TELL
7.30pm, Nelson Intermediate School, Tipahi St, Nelson South
Bring a USB memory stick with some shots of your recent tramping holidays. 10 minutes maximum for each presentation.
Gold Coin donation

Sat & Sunday 14–15 March

 We need your building skills to fix up this historic hut.
More details to come in the Feb newsletter



1. Nature:

1st – Nina Solter (pictured above)

2nd – Chris Louth

3rd – Chris Louth

2. Hut/Camp Life:

1st – Ray Salisbury

2nd – Nina Solter

3rd – Andrea Cockerton

3. Above The Bushline:

1st – Ray Salisbury

2nd – Andrea Cockerton

3rd – Andrea Cockerton (pictured below)

4. Below The Bushline:

1st – Mark Graesser

2nd – Pat Holland

3rd – Andrea Cockerton

5. Landscape:

1st – Ray Salisbury

2nd – Chris Louth (pictured above: Reflections at Angelus)

3rd – Debbie Hogan


6. Historic:

1st – Pat Holland

2nd – David Blunt (pictured above: 'Hobnails'

3rd – Pat Holland

7. Open / Anything Goes:

1st – Ray Salisbury

2nd – Ray Salisbury

3rd – Pat Holland

8. People’s Choice / Ruth Hesselyn Trophy

1st – Andrea Cockerton


Contratulations to all placegetters. 1st & 2nd Placegetters for categories 1-6 will have their photos sent off to the FMC  Photo Competition, run by FMC Bulletin editor, Shaun Barnett.

Winning photos from previous year’s competitions can be viewed on the NTC Photo Galleries webpage.

TRIP INTENTIONS > Important Changes for Trip Leaders

Since our five emergency beacons have been used in several incidents over the last three years, this has led to the Committee tightening up on risk management, and fool-proofing the systemic loopholes in our policies. So:

If you’ve borrowed our PLBs for a club or private tramp:

EMAIL your intentions to Pat Holland, Lawrie Halkett or Chris Louth before leaving. They are the SAR contacts, especially if the hire shops are closed, (e.g. after 4pm.)


Download the Intentions Form PDF from our website once it is done.
Or ask a Committee member for a copy you can use.


“In snow, all members of the party must carry ice-axes & crampons, AND know how to use them.”


The Hunting & Fishing  shop in Richmond now holds the two PLBs that were previously stored at Stirling Sports.

Our 5 beacons can still be borrowed / hired from either location:

Rollo's Outdoor Centre
12 Bridge Street, Nelson. Ph 548 1975

Hunting & Fishing
213 Queen Street, Richmond. Ph 544 8290

Also, please be prompt in returning the PLBs and report any damage.

IMPROVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY > Tours to Golden Bay, West Coast

Ray Salisbury is launching a series of Photography Tours for beginners, or old enthusiasts who need a refresher course to find their mojo.

This will definitely improve your camera craft & jumpstart your hobby.

Roadtrips range from 2-3 days. Discount rate for this season only.

Read more on the Hot Pixels website CLICK HERE.... or
email Ray:












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