Newsletter, October 2014

Debbie Hogan.


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EDITORIAL COMMENT > Feeling the Pulse

As you can see from the photograph below, our 80th anniversary was well-attended, and a great success. Following this piece is a summary from our AGM. Visit the Trip Reports tab which indicate that the club is in very good form, and growing.

A recent pub night had a record number of attendees, as did our snow skills weekend. Trampers joining our club are somewhat younger; in turn, they are attracting more younger folks – all an encouraging sign for the future survival of tramping in our region.

If you want to get to the heart and feel the pulse of what’s happening, come along to the last three club or pub nights of the year. Or, if you’re more of a hands-on, practical joker, register your assistance for the Big Beach Clean-up or the upcoming Flora Hut working bee – planned for the New Year.

On a more serious note, since our five emergency beacons have been used in several incidents over the last three years, this has led to the Committee tightening up on risk management, and fool-proofing the systemic loopholes in our policies. So...

If you’ve borrowed our PLBs for a club or private tramp: email or phone your intentions to Pat Holland, Lawrie Halkett or Chris Louth before leaving.
They are our club SAR contacts, especially when the hire shops are closed, after hours.

Frequently a trip leader has changed plans, and led the party somewhere other than what was printed on the Programme months beforehand. This could be a postponement, or weather-related reason, or a blocked access road – whatever. It may be a hassle, but is vitally important that we communicate this change of intentions to the Committee. What we don’t want is another helicopter search in the wrong area!

We are designing an NTC Intentions Form that will streamline this new process. The Hunting & Fishing shop in Richmond now holds the two PLBs that were stored at Stirling Sports.

Ray Salisbury,
Newsletter Editor

80th BIRTHDAY > NTC Anniversary at St Arnaud  

To celebrate the tramping club’s 80th birthday, the Committee planned a social event in mid-winter. This was reasonably well-attended by some 40 folks over the weekend.

From 4pm onwards, folks trickled into the new community hall at St Arnaud, amazed at how huge it seemed, as the ‘hall’ is actually a gymnasium. Lynette Salisbury took over the kitchen, ably assisted by Heather, Debbie and many others.

Eventually, by about 7pm, our potluck dinner was ready, and worth waiting for. President Lawrie acted as MC, and got the youngest and oldest guests (Ted Brooks), to cut the birthday cake. (Pic below).

Ray Salisbury ran a Quiz on a range of mountain-related topics, which was much enjoyed. Gretchen’s team outclassed Diane and Kate’s teams by a smidgen. Lawrie coaxed all and sundry into the gym for a group photo. This was cunning, as he then could engage them in playing games for the remainder of the evening. Some of the games were somewhat ‘energetic’ and as male testosterone took over, the competitive nature of certain unnamed members became very apparent. (read: Mike, Bevan & Tony!) Dion was promptly thrown onto a chair; Uta was skidding along the wooden floor on her bum; all very entertaining and warming on a clear and chilly winter’s night.

Sunday dawned bitterly cold, but did not deter a few hardy souls from photography and walks to the lake. 9am saw teams being briefed by Chris Louth who had organised a Navigation Course using the police co-ordinates and checkpoints at Teetotal Flats nearby. Three teams set out on a 3–4 hour perambulation across the open terraces of the Buller River. Brian Renwick proved the most fit, and was Andrea’s secret weapon when serious hill-climbing and bush-bashing was required. All good fun.

Lawrie and Kaye led a less ambitious course around the shores of Lake Rotoiti. Uta opted for  an ascent of Mt Robert, while Kathy got a group of bikers together for a morning’s ride.

Everyone who made the effort to participate clearly enjoyed the event; those of you who didn’t missed out on lots of laughs and great camaraderie.

 – Ray Salisbury

AGM – A SUMMARY – August Club Night

Our Annual General Meeting on August 4th went off really well with a reasonable attendance of 31 folks present, including several visitors keen to engage with our guest speaker, Dr Nick Smith.

President Lawrie did an off-the-cuff report, thanking various Committee Members for their efforts. Our new Treasurer, Ian Morris, introduced himself and gave a brief financial account. Past President Jim Maxwell was unanimously accepted as a Life Member, although absent with a cold.

Before too long, Nelson MP Nick Smith talked to us on three topics:

a) DOC’s Battle For the Birds: how 1080 is really the only tired-and-trusted method with any guarantee of eradicating stoats and possums, thus saving endangered species.

b) Ten new Marine Reserves in the South Island are being established right now.

c) Breaking news: $700,000 partnership deal with FMC, NZDA & the mountain-biker’s Trail Fund. Initially this encompasses 107 projects, including the maintenance of 36 backcountry huts, 670km of tracks and involves some 10,000 hours of volunteer labour.

After a lengthy Q&A session, and a word from the NZDA President, everyone tucked into lots of yummy food – thanks to Brett Halkett and the Committee girls.

Ray Salisbury, Editor

CLUBNITES > Put on your calendar!

Monday 6 October > Club Night - SHOW 'n' TELL
7.30pm, Nelson Intermediate School, Tipahi St, Nelson South
Gold Coin donation

Speakers : Pat Holland, Mike Glover & Kate Krawcyzk
Hear our trip leaders relate recent accounts of epic trips.

Monday 3 November > Pub Night Social

7.30pm, TURF bar, Cnr Main Rd Stoke & Songer Street, Stoke
Kate Krawczyk
: Phone: 544 7764

Saturday 1 November > Big Beach Clean-Up

Time: 10 am–1 pm
Where: Location T.B.A., probably Cable Bay & foreshore

Monday 1 December > Annual PHOTO COMPETITION

7.30pm, Nelson Intermediate School, Tipahi St, Nelson South
Gold Coin donation. Guest Judge: Barry Doig

Our club’s annual, informal social get-together around the table...
a chance to show off your skills with a camera - and show us where you’ve been tramping all year.

Check out the Rules and Categories below.


Ray Salisbury is launching a series of photography workshops for beginners, or old enthusiasts who need a refresher course to find their mojo.
This will definitely improve your camera craft & jumpstart your hobby.

Run on Sunday mornings for 3 hours. Discount rate for early registrations.

Read more on the Hot Pixels website CLICK HERE.... or
eMail Ray:

PHOTO COMPETITION > Information & Rules

Dig through those shots from the past year. Get those pics printed out & ready for judgement. Come along to enjoy the fun, wine, cheese and nibbles, and social atmosphere of this last club night of the year.

Date: Monday 1 December. Place: Nelson Intermediate School staffroom, Titipahi Street, Nelson. Time: 7.30pm. Guest Judge: Barry Doig

National Competition:

The club competition is aligned with the national competition. The winners from our club will have their photos sent off to Wellington. National winners will have their photos printed in the FMC Bulletin, and receive great prizes.

Rolling Slideshow:

A rolling slideshow will also be held at the club night of pics people submit to Ray Salisbury by e-mail before December. Images should be no larger than 2Mbytes. Email:


All photos need to meet the following criteria for judging by Don:

•   Prints must be 6 x 4 inches in size.

•   Photos are to have been taken within the past 12 months.

•   No manipulated photos (except for cropping & sharpening.)
Exception is category 7 below.

•   Person submitting the photo must be person who has set up the photo.

•   Entries are limited to three prints / per category / per person

•   First Place-getters from each category will receive a Camera Shop voucher. 1st, 2nd & 3rd get a certificate.

• On the back of the print put the category and the title of the picture.

• Do not include the name of the entrant.


1. Landscape (no people)

This includes wide angle shots (which may even be predominantly sea or sky) or an ‘in your face’ close-up (a rock in a stream or part of a tree). What’s important is that the mood of the landscape which is being captured comes through in the image. It’s acceptable to include man-made structures (huts, power lines, sign posts, etc.) providing they add to the scene.

2. Hut or Camp Life (including portraits)

3. Above the bushline (people allowed)

4. Below the bushline (people allowed)

5. Nature flora & fauna (no people)

Informative, artistic images showing non-domestic flora and fauna (so no garden roses, cats or dogs). Geological or meteorological phenomena, (e.g. dramatic clouds, formations or details of rock strata are also acceptable if they are accurately titled). Ensure that the shot is as sharp as you can make it, that the subject is large in the picture and that the background is not intrusive. The ‘hand of man’ should be avoided – no fences, power lines, buildings, etc. Try to give an accepted common name, or a formal Latin name for the title.

6. Historic

Pre-1980, featuring an aspect of club life. Black & white encouraged but not essential.

7. Anything Goes (Not an FMC category – just NTC.)

Includes humour and manipulated images. Also, larger format prints, panoramics, and shots older than 12 months can be submitted here.

8. People’s Choice (Not an FMC category – just NTC.)

Attendees vote on their favourite amongst all the pictures on offer.

Winning photos from previous year’s competitions can be viewed on the NTC Photo Galleries webpage.

TRIP INTENTIONS > Important Changes for Trip Leaders

Since our five emergency beacons have been used in several incidents over the last three years, this has led to the Committee tightening up on risk management, and fool-proofing the systemic loopholes in our policies. So:

If you’ve borrowed our PLBs for a club or private tramp:

EMAIL your intentions to Pat Holland, Lawrie Halkett or Chris Louth before leaving. They are the SAR contacts, especially if the hire shops are closed, (e.g. after 4pm.)


Download the Intentions Form PDF from our website once it is done.
Or ask a Committee member for a copy you can use.


“In snow, all members of the party must carry ice-axes & crampons, AND know how to use them.”


The Hunting & Fishing  shop in Richmond now holds the two PLBs that were previously stored at Stirling Sports.

Our 5 beacons can still be borrowed / hired from either location:

Rollo's Outdoor Centre
12 Bridge Street, Nelson. Ph 548 1975

Hunting & Fishing
213 Queen Street, Richmond. Ph 544 8290

Also, please be prompt in returning the PLBs and report any damage too.






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