Newsletter, June 2008

Welcome to new members: Rosalie Horsfield, Ray Caird, Mark and Nolene Tullett

UPCOMING CLUBNIGHT: Monday 4 August 2008 (Put it in your diary!)

AGM and a talk by Lawrie Halkett "Reafforestation in Mt Everest National Park", which will relate to his experiences there as a VSAer in 1979 through to 1981.

 Nelson Intermediate School, Tipahi Street, 7.30 pm, gold coin admission. Pat Holland Ph 5391340

Annual General Meeting : A Notice of AGM will be provided in July; however, we now request nominations for committee. Nominations are to be made in writing (using the form at the end of this newsletter) and be signed by the nominator, seconder, and nominee. Nominations must be received by Saturday 5 July 2008.

If you want to discuss a possible nomination please contact Mark Stevens Ph 5457564.

Details of people nominated will be provided in the Notice of AGM.

For your information, our Constitution (Clause 15) requires the committee to consist of not less than eight and not more than ten members, being a President, Vice-President, Correspondence Secretary, Minutes Secretary, Treasurer, Programme Co-ordinator, plus ordinary members. The current committee consists of ten members: eight of whom have confirmed they are willing to be nominated again, and two will be standing down, details as follows:-

Available for nomination:

Vice-President Mark Stevens
Correspondence Secretary Pat Holland
Member Dion Pont
Member Mike Drake
Member Laurie Halkett
Member Mike Marren
Treasurer Gillian Arbuthnott
Programme Co-ordinator Ruth Hesselyn

There has been no sitting President for 2007/2008, Minutes Secretary, Uta Purcell, is not available for nomination, and Hec Arbuthnott has elected to continue as Newsletter Editor, but not as a committee member.

If you are interested in being nominated for a committee position complete your part of the form, take it to two other members to complete the 'person nominating' and 'seconded by' parts, send it in,or hand to a current committee member.

Click here to download a Nominating Form (pdf file).
Annual Subscription

Confirmation of annual subscriptions fixed by Committee for the year 2008/9.
Subscription: Adult - $28.00 Couple - $45.00. These all include FMC Affiliation levy of $10.00 per person.

NB. Subscriptions can be paid online to: Nelson Tramping Club Inc. at Westpac Nelson,

Account 03 0703 0028827 00. If using this option you must identify yourself by name.

If you need your FMC card by the end of August contact Acting Treasurer Uta Purcell Ph 545 0280
Club Night 9 June 2008

The forty three club members and guests were well entertained as Pat Holland gave a really interesting, and well explained presentation on his nine day trip with five others into the Adams Wilderness area of the Southern Alps in January. Pat had compiled a great slide show to accompany his vivid descriptions and engaging anecdotes. As an aside Grahame Harris gave us a remarkable comparison between the “permanent” snow levels fifteen years ago, and those evident at one of Pat’s campsites. Grahame’s campsite was on snow about 10 metres vertically above Pat’s. In January there was just air!

Past President/FMC board member Tony Haddon gave us a brief talk on “Future Prospects for FMC” and in particular was interested in feedback on some options he presented.

Several club members purchased items at the “ SALE” table, much to their, and the sellers’ delight!

NB. There will be no ‘ SALE” table at the AGM, however the “ SALE” table will return for the October meeting.

DoC Notices

Possum Control in Cobb Valley, Mt Campbell and Waingaro Areas

DoC are currently involved in both ground and aerial operations in the above areas, being 4200 ha between the Cobb Dam and Chaffey’s Stream, 6250 ha of the Mt Campbell and lower Waingaro River areas and a further 8300 ha within and around these areas. Warning Notices are displayed. Take note and take care when out in these areas over the next several months. Before you go check with for full details with DoC Golden Bay Ph 03 525 8026.

Revive Rotoiti Autumn Newsletter; extracts:

Go to for the full newsletter. Or if you would like to become a member of the Friends of Rotoiti please contact Sally

Leggett, phone (03) 521 1067 email

The Rotoiti Nature Recovery Project (RNRP) team celebrated their 500th stoat trap check on the week of the 4 - 8 February 2008. The project has been running its stoat control for ten years so this was a pretty momentous occasion. Over the 10 year period of the project, this equates to trappers walking 22,500kms - 14 times the

length of New Zealand or 5,911 times up Mt Cook from sea level!

The Friends of Rotoiti (FOR) rat trappers have had a relatively quiet summer period with low rat captures on their rat trapping lines which would suggest that the rat population has been relatively low over this period.

Honeydew, produced by the scale insect, is an important food source for many native species. For about 5 months of the year introduced wasps remove 90% of available honeydew in areas with no wasp control .

Fireball Road Area Hira Forest

The harvesting activities for the Fireball, Lookout, Golf Course and Groom Creek Roads and adjacent forests have been replanned and rescheduled; therefore these areas are now open for public access. Contact: Action Forest Management

Hut Closure: Ball Shelter

Ball Shelter in the Tasman Valley is closed until further notice due to its proximity to the moraine wall.

At its present location Ball Shelter is at risk should the moraine further slump or collapse. The Department plans to move the hut back to the toe of the hill. Recent Geotech advice is that the new location will be out of any avalanche path and should be safe for the next 20 years. The decision to close the shelter has not been taken lightly by the Department. After aerial and ground inspections and consultation with Geotech professionals, the risk was considered high enough to close the hut.

All other huts and tracks are currently open to the public.

Change to Radio Schedule Times

Aoraki Area Office wishes to advise hut users that from May 1 st to September 30 th 2008, the afternoon radio scheduled calls to huts will be at 4.45pm

Avalanche education fostered by new book

The New Zealand Alpine Club (NZAC) has announced the publication of the first New Zealand-specific avalanche awareness handbook: Avalanche Awareness in the New Zealand Backcountry

Author Penny Goddard is an avalanche forecaster and educator, ski patroller and mountaineer. She has spent several winters working in the avalanche industry in Canada and the USA. After working in ski patrol and search and rescue for many years, Penny has developed a passion for educating Kiwis about avalanche hazards - and hopefully helping to make their mountain experiences safer. With this in mind, Penny has consulted extensively with a variety of experts in the outdoor recreation sector – including mountain guide Bill Atkinson, University of Canterbury Professor Ian Owens, and snow scientist Dr Jordy Hendrikx – to produce an avalanche handbook of a very thorough and practical nature.

Ordering: Please see this link to view a cover shot Orders can be placed now through Margaret McMahon, National Administrator, New Zealand Alpine Club Inc. PO Box 786, Christchurch Mail Centre 8140, Ph: 03 377 7595 Fax: 03 377 7594 NZAC members $20, Retail $30 plus p&p

Need some Specialist Repairs to your Outdoor Gear ?

Twin Needle Outdoor Equipment Repairs is offering a unique service to the whole of New Zealand. Visit for details.
Contributions from Club Members

For Sale

Ken Ridley Ph 5489897 has for sale: Two wooden handle ice axes, and crampons, $50 each: Two person “Fjall Raven” tent, 4 season quality Swiss made, 2.7kg all up, older style but good as new condition $200.

Private Trip

8 June 2008.  Browning Spur. Grahame Harris and John Faber.  

We got away quickly from the Hacket carpark to escape a party from the Waimea TC plodding to Browning Hut and a private party galloping the Hartebreak Ridge. We followed the Browning Track to the high level floodwater bypass, and from the top of that headed up through the bush to the end of the spur. We reached the top at a spectacular outcrop of large rocks, and encountered a few more on the way along. We turned east along a modest slope of untracked but fairly open bush until we met up with the Rocks Track, and followed it back out. We were off-track for about 3 km and the going was mainly quite easy. There was much pig rooting, and we found a pig-hunter. He said he had seen a deer, but would not shoot it or us, because he was training his new dog for pigs, and did not want to confuse him. A good trip for the Club sometime for those who want something a bit different.

Showing the Way ( Extracted from the Nelson Mail)

Wade Glover's mission has already taken him to some of the most isolated parts of the country.

The 12-year-old Hope boy is aiming to visit every one of 666 back country huts in the South Island maintained by the Department of Conservation, and has already ticked 130 off his list. Wade's favourite so far has been Adelaide Tarn Hut in Kahurangi National Park, which he made it to at Easter after two full days of tramping.

"It was really pretty, that area."

He said his mission stemmed from staying in trampers' huts since he was a preschooler. One of the earliest pictures of Wade in the great outdoors was taken on top of 1433m Mt Lodestone in the Arthur Range when

he was just four years old. He keeps a scrapbook of all the huts he has been to. Of course, his family still comes with him, but Wade usually walks ahead of his parents Mike and Deirdre, and sisters Chelsea, 11, and Alice, 12, who is Wade's twin.

"It suits me. I'm keen to go anywhere he wants to go," said Mr. Glover, whose father helped to build some of the region's back country huts, such as the John Tait Hut in the Travers Valley.

The family aims to go tramping every school holidays and one weekend a month. Mr. Glover has also taught his son to navigate with a compass, so he can find his way when venturing off the beaten track. Wade also keeps track of conditions with his own home weather station, and carries a wind speed gauge and wind chill meter when out tramping. Getting to new huts has taken the family all over the South Island with their favourite places being, Fiordland and Kahurangi National Park.

Editor’s Comment.


Please identify yourself and your companions by known first and last names.
Identify visitors as such.
I use ‘Arial’ 11 bold font in headings and normal 10 fonts in the text body. If you do that too it can save me considerable time overall.
Keep reports interesting and concise. Would your report encourage others to take that trip?
Have reports to me within 10 days.

Pass visitor contact details to Correspondence Secretary Pat Holland as potential members.
If you want someone else to do the report then, as a courtesy, you should ask them at the beginning of the tramp, or on earlier contact so that they can take note (mental or otherwise) of points of interest on the way.
Contributions and comments to the Editor, Hec Arbuthnott by email fax to 5481710, mail to 10 Wiltshire Place, Stoke or hand in to Basecamp at 295 Trafalgar Street. NELSON.

REMINDER: Club members receive a 10% discount from Basecamp and Rollo’s.