Newsletter, November 2003

Welcome to new members: Megg Hewlett, Trish Bennett, Anita Robertson, Steve McGlone, and Brian McLean. We look forward to your company on many of the Club’s tramps and at our clubnights.

UPCOMING EVENTS: (Note in your diary!)
On Monday, 1 December 2003, we have the Club’s annual photo competition evening. So pull out all those tramping photos and start selecting, this is a fun competition (though seriously good photos) with some interesting prizes. There are four categories: Humour; People; Landscape; Nature. Members may enter as many photos as they like – no enlargements, just standard size please – just bring the photos along on the evening. Wine, juice and nibbles will be provided. Peter Wise will assist with organising the evening and, like last year, we will have the talented and entertaining (and unbiased!) Harold Mason as the judge. This is a really fun evening – don’t miss it!

On Monday, 9 February 2004, Ken Ridley will give a talk and slide show on his visit to Nepal in April/May 2003. Ken did the famous Annapurna Circuit and also spent time in Kathmandu, so we look forward to photos of stunning scenery with massive mountains and valleys filled with rhododendrons (maybe!). And will Ken include an “ego photo” like last time?!

Many thanks to Ruth Hesselyn, Peter Wise, and Ian Pavitt for their informative and entertaining talk and slide show on their trip to Stewart Island. The trip all came about because Peter wanted to photograph the hills Gog and Magog – a good reason to spend three weeks of hard slog in Stewart Island’s autumn weather (including a 3-day bush bash to cover a mere 10kms!). And will we ever forget Ruth’s first slide: of Peter attempting to try on Ruth’s tramping shorts?! Well, we were warned to expect just about anything….

Mr Howard Robinson of Motueka has kindly donated to us a Nelson Tramping Club badge dating back to the 1930’s. Mr Robinson was one of the early members of our Club (the Club started in 1934) and was part of the teams which built the original John Tait Hut as well as the Harvey Bay Hut. Our thanks have been conveyed to
Mr Robinson (and also Ross Hall of the Motueka Tramping Club who initially liaised with Mr Robinson).

The Government recently announced additional DOC funding of $349m, to be spent over the next 10 years. DOC are holding a series of workshops to inform how they view this money should be spent as well as to get feedback from interested parties. Lein Jobse represented our Club at the St Arnaud workshop, and gave a quick rundown at the October clubnight of the huts/tracks DOC wishes to close or modify in our local area. Many thanks, Lein.
DOC’s booklet “Towards a Better Network of Visitor Facilities”, outlines their proposals. A few examples are:
Flora Hut, Mt Arthur area: options are complete removal, replacing with a shelter, replacing with a new hut nearby, significantly upgrade, or continue present maintenance (considered by DOC to be too expensive).
Hopeless Creek, St Arnaud area: cease maintenance on the track and minimal maintenance on the hut.
Beebys Knob Route, St Arnaud area: cease maintenance.

DOC’s booklet is free and available from their offices. Get a copy and, if you care about a particular hut or track, make a submission to DOC, either via the Club or directly to DOC. Submissions must be received by DOC by
31 January 2004. The Club will make a submission – let us have your comments by the end of December 2003.

FMC have provided us with several copies of their publication “Freedom of the Hills: Unlocking High Country Recreation – An FMC Vision for Pastoral Lease Lands”. The publication outlines the history of high country pastoral leases, their current status, and FMC’s vision for how such land can be re-allocated for more appropriate uses. Copies are available via Peter Wise’s shop – please read and return.

For members’ information, following on from the prosecution of the organiser of Le Race, the Club has written to FMC requesting their advice as to whether the Club and/or trip leaders could be held legally responsible should a person on one of our tramps suffer injury. FMC advise that this issue is currently being considered by SPARC (Sport and Recreation NZ) and they shall advise us further.

We would like to be able to provide to members a list of all Club members with their contact address and phone number. Not only does this help trip leaders, but you may like to be able to contact each other! However, the Privacy Act requires us to gain written permission from individuals before we can publish their details. Included with this newsletter is a consent form for you to sign and return to us. Could you kindly do this as soon as possible.

Would those of you who have email access, kindly send an email to Lindsay Twiname at lindsayian, so that we can pick up your email address. The committee would like to have as many email addresses for members as possible so that if there is information we urgently need to get to members, we can use this very quick electronic medium. Please note that emails will be sent in a manner such that members’ email addresses will be kept confidential. For those who do not have email, don’t worry, we will still use the phone and NZ Post!

Ever wanted to see the view from the top of Mt Everest? See
for an awesome 360 degree photo. Apparently NASA have interesting “pictures of the day” loaded onto their website so keep an eye out for future good photos. Thanks to Carl Horn for this little gem.

Message from Shirley Gabrielsen: “Hi everyone, this is just to say a big thank you for the cards, flowers, visits and so much encouragement over the last few months because of my health. I hope to get the cobwebs out of my boots in January.” (Look out folks, she’ll probably be back fitter and faster!)

SUBSCRIPTIONS: Have you paid your subscription? Subscriptions were due 1 October 2003.

There is a new outdoor clothing company: Forty Three South Limited. They are a mail-order company, based in Christchurch, with “direct to the market” prices. A copy of their catalogue of jackets is at Peter Wise’s shop. They have a current special for FMC members, being 10% off normal price plus a free set of polypro thermals.

Leki pole (or similar) – phone Gretchen, 545 1047.

The following two summer trips are offered, for “Fitness” people who will be available to depart at short notice as these trips are dependent on good weather.

Copland Pass - phone Ruth Hesselyn, 544 0570
West Coast side only, approximately 1 week some time between mid Jan-end Feb, totally weather dependent!
The idea is to camp by a tarn near the head of the stunning Copland valley and do a day trip to the Pass from there. Ice axe, crampons and tents needed. Costs ?

Manakau - phone Dan McGuire, 548 3458
This will be a 3 day trip to climb the highest peak (2,610m) in the Seaward Kaikouras. Costs: $40