Newsletter, September 2003


NEW MEMBERS: A very warm welcome to new members Alison Pickford, Mary Young, Andrew Hutchison, and Bob Janssen. We look forward to your company on our various tramps and also at our clubnights.

AUGUST CLUBNIGHT: Rebecca Bowater entertained a large group of us with the delights of a very enticing holiday destination – Patagonia. Rebecca is a talented photographer and her landscape and wildlife photos were truly superb. The Patagonian huts seem to have the same essentials as our DOC huts except for one difference: an inhouse cook! Imagine how wonderful at the end of a long day’s tramp to be able to buy a real meal made from real (non-dehydrated) food! And for those of you who have never seen a picture of the elusive Patagonian hare, well, you really needed to be there. They’re the size of a smallish dog.

FMC / MOUNTAIN BIKING SURVEY: Thank you to all those members who responded to the survey. We have collated your comments and onforwarded these to FMC. As soon as we hear any further news re the ability of mountain bikers to access National Parks, we will let you know. Meantime, for your information, the survey responses are:

UPCOMING EVENTS (Note it in your diary!)
Clubnight – 7.30pm Monday, 6 October 2003, in the Staffroom at Nelson Intermediate School.
This evening we will have not just one speaker but three! Yes, the intrepid trio of Ruth Hesselyn, Peter Wise, and Ian Pavitt are at last available to educate and entertain us on their three week adventure in the depths of wet, wild Stewart Island. The licentiate Pete and the artistic, adventurous Ruth will provide photos and slides together with intelligent commentary – Ian will provide truthful embellishments.

Congratulations to Peter Wise on winning an Australian Tourist Commission photo competition. The reward? A trip for two to Australia, all expenses paid. Sounds like a clubnight slide show coming up….. Well done, Peter!