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The Nelson Tramping Club is based near some of the finest tramping opportunities in New Zealand. Our club conducts an active, year-round programme of trips for members of diverse interests and abilities. Non-members are welcome to join our trips (subject to being properly equipped and undertaking trips consistent with their fitness and experience); we are always looking for new members! 

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July 1st is the renewal date for club subscriptions.

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After 10 years Ray Salisbury has stepped down from Newsletter Editor. Lea Mellon has stepped up and produced her first newsletter; September 2019.

Thanks Ray and Lea.

The Hut Keepers

No country has anything quite like New Zealand’s network of backcountry huts, but many of these shelters were at risk of being lost to dilapidation, old age and the ravages of the weather. Now, volunteers around the country are preserving remote huts—and the heritage they represent—for the next generation of trampers.

Kennedy Warne, New Zealand Geographic

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Upcoming Events

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16 - 17 November
White's Bay Grade TBD


Once there, anyone can do as much or as little as they want to, with walks ranging from 10mins to a 9hr ridgeline traverse with views over Port Underwood and across to the North Island. The water temperature is bracing all year round and offers a delightful end to a womble in the hills. Doc camp fees are $15, facilities excellent and there is a glowworm grotto onsite. Likely to include a pause at Pelorus Bridge for a swim if warm either way.


23 November
Nydia Saddle Easy

From Duncan Bay a fairly flat track leads around a Peninsula with pleasant water views through lush bush. After a climb we reach the Saddle of 347m, might get a glimpse down to Nydia Bay, and return the same way 9km. 4 - 5 hrs

24 November
Mt Arthur Peak Medium

A climb up one of Nelson's most accessible mountains. Plan is to traverse the summit, going up by the regular route and descending via the north-east ridge, with a slight diversion through the hole in the wall into Horseshoe Basin, then joining the Gordons Pyramid track back up to the main track.

29 November - 1 December
Mt Owen from the South Hard

Drive to Owen River on the Friday and follow the Fyfe river to Branch Creek hut. Saturday head for Poverty Basin to camp and take it easy or climb Mt Owen. Sunday have fun navigating Sunrise Ridge, then drop down to the Owen River and back out to cars. May reverse trip if better weather on Friday.

1 December
Maitland Ridge track Medium

 Starting from Tophouse follow the 4wd track on a 600m climb before we reach the turnoff to Maitland ridge track. Follow an undulating ridge track to Redhills hut for a late lunch before returning via an easy 4wd track back to cars at start of Redhills track. Loop takes approx 6-7 hours

Short car shuttle required at each end.

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